01/2015 - 

Rovinj PhotoDays 2015


09/2014 - 

FIction and Photography - 8 November

Organised in collaboration with the Science Museum and New Media Space, a one day event on Fiction and Photography. See link for list of speakers.


09/2014 - 

The Photographer and Psychoanalysis - Symposium

On 25 October - email for more details

08/2014 - 

NIDA SUMMER SCHOOL: The Future of the Image

David was one of the tutors and key speakers at the Nida Art Colony Sumer School in Lithuania for Art PhDs, which focused on jacques Rancière's work as The Future of the Image.The Nida Summer School had participants from the UK, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Chilie, Nepal and Canada. 


10/2013 - 

Sheffield Hallan University

David - guest artist lecturer on his work to the phtoography department at Sheffield Hallam University, Nivember 2013.

10/2013 - 


This new photography festival in Sunderland and North East England featured David's photogrpahic work from India, displayed  on illuminated billboards in the Metro System. The photowork series, called Notes on Democracy shows scenes from Delhi. The public context of the work questions perceptions between first and third world in contemporary global culture. 

18 October to 16 November 2013 


07/2013 - 

The Art of Walking: A Field Guide

The Art of Walking: a field guide is a new book. The first extensive survey of walking in contemporary art and combines short texts on the subject with a variety of artists works. The guide includes newly commissioned art and writing, and many artists have been actively involved in the design of their respective pages.

Contributors: Marina Abramovic and Ulay, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Francis Alÿs, And While London Burns, Keith Arnatt, Franko B, David Bate, Dara Birnbaum, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Janet Cardiff, Marcus Coates, Jeremy Deller, Tim Edgar, Christian Edwardes, Jan Estep, Simon Faithfull, Alec Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Regina José Galindo, Al Gebra, Mona Hatoum, Akira Kanayama, Oleg Kulik, Peter Liversidge, Long March Project, Richard Long, Melanie Manchot, Conor McGarrigle, Bruce Nauman, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Ingrid Pollard, Simon Pope, Chloé Regan, Sophy Rickett, Fiona Robinson, Matthias Sperling and Siobhan Davies Studios, Susan Stockwell, Krzysztof Wodiczko and Catherine Yass.



03/2013 - 

GIF: The Photographer’s Gallery, London

David Bate was one of the artists commissioned to make a new 'gif' work for the inaugural exhibition on the 'digital wall' at the Photographers Gallery.

GIF: Born in 1987, Photographer’s Gallery, London, 2012



12/2012 - 

Photobooks and Visual Narratives at Hasselblad Foundation

The Hasselblad Foundation, University of Gothenburg and photography at Valand Academy host the symposium on Photobooks and Visual Narratives

The three key lecturers were David Bate, Gerry Badger and Bettina Lockemann on Thursday December 6, 2012 at Glashuset, Chalmersgatan 4, Gôthenberg, Sweden. 



10/2012 - 

Death and Space

David Bate was one of four panelists, including Tom Hunter, Andrea Brady and Robert Hampson at this first of four events on Death and the Contemporary organised and chaired by Dr Georgina Colby and Anthony Luvera.  The event was held appropriately in the Deadhouse at Somerset House, London on 23 October 2012.



06/2012 - 

'On the couch’ in Ljubljana

David Bate in Ljubljana. With the translation of Photography: Key Concepts into Slovenian he will be in conversation about the book and contemporary photography. ‘On the couch’ at the Kino Siska. Monday 11 June 2012.






01/2012 - 

Helsinki Photomedia Comference

Keynote Speakers are Ariella Azoulay, David Bate and Charlotte Cotton at the inaugural Helsinki Photomedia Research Conference.

28-30 March 2012, School of Art & Design, Helsinki, Finland


01/2012 - 

There Is Here Symposium

A one-day symposium exploring the role of photography in ideas about cultural hybridity, globalisation and modernity.

To be held at the Sainsbur Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich 3 February 2012.



09/2011 - 

Newcastle - Artist Talk

University of Newcastle Public Lecture


08/2011 - 

09/2010 - 

Japanese translation of book

Photography: Key Concepts in now translated into Japenese, published in Japan with the prestigious Tokyo publisher Film Art

http://davidbate.net/assets/files/COMING SOON FLYER-1.pdf


11/2009 - 

Writing Photography Now?

Book launch and Public Discussion at the Photographers Gallery, London on 24 November at 7pm

See the Photographers Gallery website for details.


11/2009 - 

Public Talk at IGRS

 IGRS (Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies): Photography Research Seminar

The Clinical Picture ?The photographs of hysterics made by Jean Charcot's clinic have been subject to at least four different interpretations. Firstly there was the discourse of clinical pictures initiated by Jean Charcot the neurologist, then the photographs were championed by the surrealists as a supreme 'expression', thirdly taken up by feminist theory in relation to psychoanalysis and recently by Ulrich Bauer in relation to 'trauma'. This talk re-evaluates the photographs via a return to their original context of the clinic and hysteria to reconsider what kind of expressive gestures are involved in these photographs and what kind of meanings have been constructed via the image, body and language.

Dr David Bate  Monday 9 November, 2009 Time: 6-8pm


09/2009 - 

Portfolio Magazine 50

The special 50th issue of Portfolio magazine had 50 of the UK’s key visual artist/photographers. AUS-09 is included in this celebratory issue and an  essay on the last decades of exhibition photography.


08/2009 - 

Photography: Key Concepts published

David Bate's new book Photography: Key Concepts is now available, published by Berg (Oxford & New York), July 2009.


06/2009 - 


Website launched June 2009

03/2009 - 

David Bate in Helsinki

02/2009 - 

Exhibition in Ostend

David Bate's work (from Zero Culture) included in Gerry Smith's self-curated exhibition in Ostend.